Pale Death

by Discord

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released October 10, 2014

PJ Spilletti - Guitars, bass
Bryan Martinez - Vocals
Michael Goncalves - Vocals
Dan Arminio - Drums

Engineered, mixed, and mastered at Frightbox Recording by Bobby Torres.

Logo and art by Chris Horst, Horst Designs.



all rights reserved


Discord New Jersey

Melodic Death Metal from New Jersey.

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Track Name: Doom: Annihilation from Within
A dimming light embraced by a cold sheet of black images of a rotting sun, a cosmic mausoleum

I observe the world through a shattered glass shrouded in dust
and every waking moment is a burden on my soul
Eternally housed in this prison of flesh, awaiting doom

Awaiting doom
Eternal rot from within

The gaping void, a testament to my affliction
My flesh is a leper, a mirror of a dead, silenced spirit
Every waking moment is a bullet through my corpse

Awaiting doom
Eternal rot from within
Savage existence, a need to end
Deliver my soul to annihilation

All I feel is nothing
My flesh is a mirror of death
All I feel is nothing
A burned image of what used to be

Putrid decay beneath the burning flesh
Annihilation from within
Track Name: Beneath the Weight of Putrid Fantasy
I killed myself today and found it so invigorating
I am the victim of the grace of God
I am the mutilator of the face of God

My body collapses beneath the weight of broken dreams
Images of granulated optimism
Desire for resilience vanishing

Ten tons of humiliation
Ten tons of fucking doubt

Constant fear of a new day
Constant fear of going on
A quarter of a century trapped in artless flesh
An outcast within myself
I am staring at you from the other side

A dimension beyond where I am finally home
Track Name: Otherrealm
Reigning meteors of filth, establishing its colonies of dirt
Forging empires of bleak
Gray larvae, subjects of the dust crown

Miles of fucking flesh
Leagues of cells advancing and spanning the orb
Writhing in its sores

Pestilence children, brethren of unwarranted creation

Behold the bastards of the forsaken and the sick
A steaming ocean of lust
Fill these reservoirs of blood and bile

Earth is a dancer in the carnival of desecrated spheres
All life must cease to be
This is the other realm

The forgotten planet of everlasting misery,
spinning in solitude like an icon of failure
Barbaric beating heart of this insane creation
Molten rivers of sadism, terminate the cancerous growth

Dripping into eternity, the scab will heal
Track Name: Forsaken
There are no wounds to help me understand my own reality
My sense of self is fading, slowly becoming a distant memory
My only commitment is to contemplate existence

This dreadful corpse is an artifact of torture
A prison in which my nauseated mind rots

My lust to be eradicated is crippled by the fear of finality
I am crawling in an endless black hole of desperation

I am battered by the chains of consciousness
My only commitment is to terminate existence

A lurking shadow that was caught by a glimpse of life, eradicated by the bright light of suicide

Mesmerized by the dust of decaying life shrouded in the ashes of extinction

The blood of the forsaken intoxicates my fragile rotting sanity,
Piercing through the flesh that entraps me

This is an anthem to my memories
I will bury it where I hope to lie